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Ungava Gin

Все привыкли считать, что канадские производители готовы радовать винами из замерзшего винограда и другими местными напитками, включая редкие квебекские ледяные сидры, также из замороженных яблок. Самым известным производителем оригинальных канадских напитков считается Domaine Pinnacle, которому принадлежат роскошные сады. Его владельцами являются счастливая семейная пара Сьюзанн и Чарльз Кроуфорд. Они и решили, что Канада достойна собственного уникального джина, который был бы узнаваем на мировой арене, так появился джин Ungava.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin Ungava Canadian Premium Gin. Оригинальный и уникальный напиток премиум-класса, в мире популярен прежде всего потому, что для его изготовления используют классическую технологию, а вот ингредиенты – это редкие травы, произрастающие только в чистейшей арктической зоне - канадской тундре Унгава. Букет великолепный, насыщенный приятными нотами можжевельника, а также освежающими акцентами лимонной цедры. Во вкусе ощущаются фруктовые тона, на фоне оттенков ягод можжевельника, шиповника, морошки и багульника. Джин самодостаточен: прекрасно пьется в чистом виде, хорош в составе изысканных экзотических коктейлей.

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin originates on the northern frontier where the vast Canadian tundra meets icy seas.

Its particular aroma can be traced back to six rare botanicals, native to the Arctic region, that enter its composition. Handpicked in the wild during the fleeting summer season, then infused the traditional way, they are handcrafted into an authentic gin with a unique taste to the delight of adventurous amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Towards the Open Water
The Ungava peninsula is a vast territory at the northern tip of Quebec, Canada. It is an Inuit term meaning "towards the open water".
Adorned by a brilliant mantle of ice and snow for nearly nine months of the year, Ungava is a place of indescribable beauty whose splendour is heightened by the celestial light show of the aurora borealis and the immensity of its landscapes. These include deep valleys that shelter majestic waterways, countless lakes of astounding clarity, teeming wildlife, and ice floes that drift silently towards the open water of the northern seas.
The unique climate of this region produces the six rare botanicals that give Ungava Canadian Premium Gin its particular aroma and colouring.
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Original Recipe, Traditional Craftsmanship
This magnificent land has been home to the Inuit people and their ancestors for thousands of years. Still nomadic two generations ago, the Inuit have settled in villages along the coast or at the river deltas where, every summer, they continue to hunt, to fish and harvest the precious gifts of the tundra before the onset of another long, hard winter.
With total respect for the environment and Inuit traditions, the rare plants and berries that impart Ungava gin's unique bouquet are delicately picked and selected by hand. For many years gin was a favourite tipple of explorers, gold prospectors and trappers in Canada, prized for its reputed medicinal qualities. With Ungava gin, an original recipe is produced in a traditional way: Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Tea are naturally steeped until the gin takes on its complex flavour and distinctive sunny hue.
Inside every glass of this gin there breathes a little of the Ungava peninsula.

From the Arctic Tundra to its Contemporary Bottle
Connoisseurs will appreciate the mellow character of this 100% natural gin, which is surprising considering its alcoholic strength of 43.1% vol. The rare botanicals of the Ungava tundra, steeped in the traditional way, release their natural colour and aromas to yield a gin that is exquisitely well-balanced.
Resolutely contemporary in design, the Ungava bottle offers a sleek shape and clean-cut lines, with thick, pristine glass that highlights the striking natural yellow colour of the gin while evoking the purity of arctic ice. The bottle also features Inuktitut, the Inuit language, and its unique script.
Whether enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail, Ungava Canadian Premium Gin provides a finely-crafted original blend of aroma, taste, and visual beauty that is perfect for any occasion.

A Unique Journey of the Senses
As subtle as it is intriguing, Ungava Canadian Premium Gin reveals a style that is all at once lively and smooth, fresh, floral and spicy. The precious plants and berries of the tundra release their natural colour and aromas to yield a gin that is exquisitely well-balanced.
Right from the first sip of Ungava gin, you embark upon a unique journey of the senses. On the nose, the Nordic Juniper supplies ample notes of zesty citrus; on the palate Ungava reveals progressively the fullness of its flavours and the richness of its bouquet. The refreshingly fruity and sweet-tart notes of Crowberry and Wild Rose Hips are expressed over a rich and spicy underlying botanical base that combines Cloudberry and Arctic Blend. The Nordic Juniper brings a finishing touch of mentholated citrus that cuts through the Labrador Tea's mild herbal flavour and lengthens the mix with velvety smoothness.
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Wild Rose Hips (Oginiminaga to the Inuit)
The rose hip is the fruit of the rose plant, a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. Several species of wild roses appear throughout the Ungava region wherever there is access to direct sunlight.
Rose hips are commonly used in a variety of foods, beverages, and also in perfume. They are particularly high in vitamin C, and have been used for their medicinal benefits by many cultures including the Inuit. Wild rose hips contribute to the sweet-tart, fruity dimension of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

Arctic Blend (Ukiurtatuq to the Inuit)
Arctic Blend (Rhododendron subarcticum) is a close cousin of Labrador Tea and also belongs to the Ericaceae family. The plant is also known as Northern Labrador Tea and can be found throughout the Ungava region.
Arctic Blend resembles Labrador Tea with its straight evergreen leaves and white flowers but in a smaller format. Its flowers, leaves, and small stems contribute to the underlying botanical base of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

Cloudberry (Arpiqutik to the Inuit)
Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus) is a plant of the Rosaceae family. It is also known as Bakeapple and Knotberry. It grows in damp areas near water such as bogs or marshes.
The plant's white flowers form fruit that resemble amber-coloured raspberries and are popular for making jam. Tea made from Cloudberry leaves has been used as a herbal medicine since ancient times. Cloudberry enriches the flavour and colour of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

Labrador Tea (Mamaittuqutik to the Inuit)
The Labrador Tea plant (Rhododendron groenlandicum) is a frequent ingredient in traditional Inuit tea. Like Crowberry, it belongs to the Ericaceae family. It can be found throughout the Ungava region and usually grows in dry rocky areas or in peat bogs.
The plant is characterised by its clusters of tiny white fragrant flowers and distinctive evergreen leaves that are smooth on top and fuzzy underneath. Both the leaves and flowers contribute a herbal flavour to Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

Crowberry (Paurngaqutik to the Inuit)
Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum) is another plant from the Ericaceae family that grows throughout Ungava. It can be found along the coast and across the tundra in sandy rocky areas.
The plant is an evergreen shrub whose berries, which resemble blueberries, can be used in pies and jellies. The leaves, stems, and even roots of the plant have traditionally been used by the Inuit in herbal remedies. Crowberry contributes to the sweet-tart, fruity dimension of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

Nordic Juniper (Qisiqtutauyak to the Inuit)
The Juniper plant (Juniperus communis) is a shrub from the Cupressaceae family. Its berries have been used as the predominate flavour in gin since its beginnings in the middle Ages. Nordic Juniper is found growing in sandy areas along the coast of Ungava and in dry rocky soil.
Nordic Juniper is an evergreen with needle-like leaves and blue-black seed cones, commonly known as Juniper berries. They bring a citrus element to both the taste and the aroma of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.
Унгава Канадиан Премиум Джин
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Производство: Канада
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