Alphonse Mellot White Wines
Alphonse Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre 2013

Alphonse Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre 2013

Белое Сухое Вино Альфонс Мелло Ла Мусьер Сансер 2013

Крепость:  13,0%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Франция
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Соблазнительное, как поцелуй, вино Alphonse Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre 2013 из овеянной легендами долины Лауры, погружает вас в райский сад, где вокруг порхают бабочки и благоухают цветы. Состоит из 100% Савиньон Блан, собранного на виноградниках Альфонс Мелло. Вкус легкий и воздушный, чистый и довольно плотный, невероятно свежий с яркими минеральными тонами. Романтический изысканный букет наполнен цветочными и фруктовыми ароматами. Послевкусие приятное и продолжительное, бодрящее и элегантное. Вино может быть прекрасным аперитивом, сочетается с блюдами из рыбы, морепродуктов, сырами.

Tasting notes

Lively like the look in your eyes, sweet like a kiss.

Very fine gold colour with a green sheen.

Its nose has a flowery fruity bouquet.

Being pure and honest it is seducer from the outset. Flowers flit around, trees bend down to give their most beautiful fruits to us and the air we breathe is so sweet in this garden full of sweetness that it is intoxicating.

Lively, supple and welcoming taste.

Predominantly honest in a welcoming balance, it reflects a pretty grape, a fine harvest in the singing and laughter of the men and women pickers. It tells us of work well done in the divine order and Nature's kindness. It is fair, and all one expected and to cap it all there is happiness there.

Matching wine and food

Fish tartare, mussels "à la Charentaise", pike with white butter sauce, chanterelle mushroom omelette, baked Norway lobsters, trout meunière, pike in saffron, braised ham with white sauce, tripe cooked the Caen way, Chavignol goatsmilk cheeses, puff pastries...

Serving temperature

10 to 12° as an aperitif or on its own, 12 to 14° with meals.


La Moussièreis produced from vines between 4 and about 40 years old.

Average yield: 53 hl/ha

It is picked in small 25 Kg boxes. All the grapes have been sorted by a sorting table and transported into the press by conveyor belt (whole grape pressing).

Area: 34 ha

Grape variety: Sauvignon blanc

Exposure: South - Southwest

Soil: Saint-Doulchard marls (solids lumps).
Subsoil: Upper Lusitanian to Portlandian period cretaceous.

Planting density

8000 to 10 000 vinestocks per ha (at present about 14 ha with 10 000 vinestocks/ha.
All new plantations have 9000 to 10 000 vinestocks given that the Sancerre vineyard is generally planted in accordance with the appellation order with 6,666 vinestocks per hectare.


The vines are pruned by the simple Guyot method or Royat Cordon pruning.

The vineyard is trained in organic and biodynamic vine growing.


Sequential pneumatic pressing.
Static settling at temperatures below 10°C for about 48 hours.

Fermentation takes place in vats for 50% and the rest in new casks at temperature between 18° and 23°C.

Ageing on fine lees over 7 to 8 month;

About 240,000 bottles of the La Moussière Vintage are produced and it is bottled by us on the estate.

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