Francis Coppola white wines
Francis Coppola Yellow Label Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Francis Coppola Yellow Label Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Белое Сухое Вино Фрэнсис Коппола Йеллоу Лэйбл Совиньон Блан 2014

Крепость:  13,0%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  США
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Настало время познакомиться с элегантным и неподражаемым гостем из Калифорнии Francis Coppola Yellow Label Sauvignon Blanc винтаж:2014 года. В состав оригинального многомерного вина входит 100% Совиньон Блан, собранный в трех разных долинах: Александра, виноград этой местности придает напитку невероятную цитрусовую сочность и аромат тропических фруктов; вулканические почвы Лейк-Каунти наполняют вино великолепными цветочными нотами, а виноград из Сонома, благодаря сезонным прибрежным туманам, обладает яркими минеральными нюансами. Вкус сочный сбалансированный с гармоничным сочетанием сладости и кислотности.
“The inspiration for the Diamond Collection was a bottle of 1906 Claret we found in the cellar of the Napa Valley property we purchased in 1975. I designed a new label reminiscent of this old bottle and created the Diamond Collection Black Label Claret, which is our company’s most recognized offering. Today, Diamond Collection includes 13 varietals, each identified with a brightly colored label. The quality and authenticity of Diamond Collection is extremely important because we are a family company and our name is on the label. As such, you can trust that we’ll always give you the very best.” —Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Diamond Collection wines are classic California expressions that offer fruit-forward, multi-dimensional flavor and immediate drinkability. To create a light, fresh Sauvignon Blanc that displays good balance and vibrant flavors, we blend grapes from three locations: Alexander Valley, Sonoma Valley, and Lake County. Alexander Valley fruit provides a core of citrus and juicy tropical fruit flavors. The high elevation volcanic soils of Lake County contribute pretty floral notes and the Sonoma Valley grapes boast distinct mineral nuances, which result from the seasonal coastal mist that keeps the temperatures down in this region. In nearly all of these vineyards, the vines are grown on vertical shoot trellises to promote the best sun exposure. To capture the varietal’s aromatic qualities and preserve the fruit’s vibrant, youthful character, the wine is fermented and finished in stainless steel.
VINTAGE NOTES We came off an early vintage last year only to break the record and have an even earlier season in 2015. As one might expect, because the season commenced ahead of schedule, it ended quite early as well. Yields were down because of the drought, but having less fruit on the vine helped concentrate the flavors within each berry, giving us extremely fragrant and flavorful Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes are fermented cold to retain all of the beautiful flavors and keep the texture crisp and bright. This year’s wine is racy with vibrant intensity and good body. By stirring the lees during fermentation we achieved a wine that has weight, texture, and an elegant quality enhanced by the natural acidity and crispness.
TASTING PROFILE Appearance Pale Yellow Aromas Lemon, guava, orange blossoms Flavors Tangerine, pineapple, minerals
Corey Beck, Winemaker

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