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Torres Gran Vina Sol Chardonnay 2014

Torres Gran Vina Sol Chardonnay 2014

Белое Сухое Вино Торрес Вина Cол Шардонне 2014 года

Крепость:  13,5%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Испания
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Уникальное испанское белое сухое вино Torres Gran Vina Sol Chardonnay 2014 от виноградарей завода Torres, признанного в 2007 лучшим в Европе, за активное использование в производстве инновационных технологий. "Гран Винья Сол" изготовлено по методу частичного брожения в бочках, изготовленных из Лимузенского дуба. В вине гармонично соединяются изысканный французский Chardonnay и каталонский Parellada. Получился чудесный на вкус сбалансированный напиток с полным и нежным букетом, содержащим пикантную кислинку, с нотами липового цвета, яблок, фенхеля и яркими нюансами ванили и дуба.

Gran Viña Sol
Light up your moments

Chardonnay and Parellada are harmoniously blended after careful fermentation of a percentage in Limousin oak barrels, thus retaining the character of each variety. The result is a magnificent, intense wine.

Gran Viña Sol was a pioneer in the production of cask-fermented Chardonnay in Spain. Its name is very apt as it's a wine of greater complexity and presence than the traditional Viña Sol.

DO Penedès
The Penedès has been associated for decades with innovative vineyards and wineries.
Ever since it became the first area in Spain to use stainless steel and cold fermentation equipment, the vine growers of the Penedès have been making excellent modern wines from a mix of native and French grape varieties. This has been possible because of the variety of altitudes, lands and micro-climates found in the Penedès which foster the ideal growth of the different grape types.

A grape with which young and very noble, elegant white wines with an unmistakeable aroma are produced. It is grown in Conca de Barberà, Penedès Medio and Superior.

A traditional fine and delicate Catalan variety. It produces aromatic light dry white wines with gentle fruity aromas.

Tasting note
(May 2015) Pale, brilliant golden colour. Floral (honeysuckle) with vegetable and fruit notes (pineapple, peach). Intense in the mouth, full bodied and spicy (vanilla), revealing its time in oak.

Food Pairing
Excellent with fish, paellas and turkey. Serve at 11ºC.

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