Chateau de Pibarnon Red Wines
Chateau de Pibarnon Rouge 2009

Chateau de Pibarnon Rouge 2009

Красное Сухое Вино Шато Де Пибарнон Руж 2009

Крепость:  14,0%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Франция
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Chateau de Pibarnon Rouge 2009 - изысканное вино, известное еще, как «купаж Южной Роны», состоящее из сортов винограда Мурверд (90%) и Гренаш (10%), выращенных в регионе Бандоль, с характерными известковыми почвами и мягким морским климатом. После 20-дневной мацерации в небольших чанах из нержавейки, выдержка происходит в дубовых бочках не менее 15 месяцев. Разливается по бутылкам без предварительной фильтрации. Обладает насыщенным вкусом, с соблазнительными нотами лакрицы, танины нежные и умеренные. Послевкусие затяжное и оригинальное. Букет тоже мощный: ярко звучат фруктово-ягодные ноты, разбавленные пикантными специями.

Château de Pibarnon Rouge 2009
Grape variety



Soil of clay, limestone and white chalk from the TRIAS geological period in the beginning of the second era. Triassic soil is responsible for the finesse of the tannins and the minerality of the wine. Surface : 30ha of terraced slopes, planted up to 900 feet/250 metres above the Mediterranean sea. The vines are on average 30 years old.


The maceration takes place in small stainless steel tanks only. One manual punch over per day for the extraction of fine skin tannins. Long maceration of 20 days minimum. Aging 18 month in oak casks (50 hectoliters from Burgundy and Austria). One single bottling in June 2011.


The Pibarnon Rouge 2009 shows intense flavours of black berries, roasted coffee beans and garrigues (Mediterranean wild plants). . The tannins are very smooth with a nice spiciness. This vintage is remarkable for its freshness, even

in this hot year. It is a great combination between the strength of mature fruit and the elegance of Pibarnon's terroir.


A great vintage in the south of France. The rainfall during the winter and spring, slightly higher than the last five years, has been particularly beneficial to the balance of the plant. A mild spring preceded a beautiful hot and dry summer. Temperatures began to decline gradually from mid-August. Consequently, slower ripening helped to preserve maximum freshness and purity in the wine.


Hand picked grapes with a small team of pickers. This allows us to stretch out picking dates, to maximize the opportunity of harvesting each variety at its best moment of maturity. Strict selection and picking out of grapes made in the vineyard, if necessary.


30 hectoliters per hectare. Production : 6.500 cases and 3500 magnums.

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