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Francis Coppola Celestial Blue Label Malbec 2013

Francis Coppola Celestial Blue Label Malbec 2013

Красное Сухое Вино Фрэнсис Коппола Даймонд Коллекшн Целестиал Блю Лэйбл Мальбек 2013 года

Крепость:  13,5%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  США
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Francis Coppola Blue Label Malbec 2013 – прекрасное вино из Калифорнии, знаменитой и уникальной своими почвами и мягким тихоокеанским климатом Долины Напа. Представляет собой оригинальный и довольно сложный купаж винограда сортов Merlot (Мерло)78%, Petite Sirah (Пти Сира) 21%, Syrah (Сира)1%. После ферментации и мацерации при контролируемых температурах выдержка происходит в бочках преимущественно из французского дуба не менее одного года. Вкус насыщенный с умеренными, мягкими и шелковистыми танинами, послевкусие элегантное приятное и продолжительное. Букет раскрывается изысканными нотами малины, ванили, завершает композицию пикантные нюансы кожи.

“The inspiration for the Diamond Collection was a bottle of 1906 Claret we found in the cellar of the Napa Valley property we purchased in 1975. I designed a new label reminiscent of this old bottle and created the Diamond Collection Black Label Claret, which is our company’s most recognized offering. Today, Diamond Collection includes 13 varietals, each identified with a brightly colored label. The quality and authenticity of Diamond Collection is extremely important because we are a family company and our name is on the label. As such, you can trust that we’ll always give you the very best.” —Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection 2013 Malbec

While making a film in Argentina, Francis Coppola fell in love with Malbec, Argentina’s most popular varietal. When he returned to the U.S., he asked if we could start producing our own. Not many people in California were making it at the time so we’re proud to be one of the first California producers to bottle Malbec as a single varietal. Less tannic than Cabernet, but more structured than Merlot, Malbec has weight but is velvety on the palate. Over the years, we’ve perfected our cultivation and winemaking methods so you get a Malbec of great complexity that boasts dark, rich fruit flavors and a distinctive mineral note.
WINEMAKER’S NOTES We thought we’d hit the jackpot with the 2012 vintage only to have another incredible season in 2013. Having great weather two years in a row optimizes the vines and what makes the 2013 vintage even more spectacular than its predecessor. This year’s Malbec offers tremendous complexity, supple tannins, and pronounced richness on the palate.
TASTING PROFILE Appearance Purple garnet Aromas Cherry cola, mocha, leather, oak Flavors Raspberries, boysenberries, pepper, minerals
Corey Beck, Winemaker

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