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Gianni Gagliardo Red Wines

Gianni Gagliardo Red Wines. Компания основана в 1847 г. семьей Колла в районе Ланг Пьемонт. Представитель 4-го поколения Паоло сконцентрировал производство на «короле вин» - Бароло. А его зять Джанни Гальярди помог вывести продукцию на мировой уровень. Сейчас у руля три сына Джанни, представляющие собой мощнейшую команду профессионалов любящих свое дело и почитающих традиции рода.
Gianni Gagliardo Barolo 2009 Gianni Gagliardo Barolo 2009 – неподражаемое вино из Пьемонта, винодельческого региона Бароло. Напиток на 100% состоит из Неббиоло. Собирается урожай из 16 участков, ферментация каждой партии производится раздельно. Выдерживается сначала полгода в барриках, а потом еще год в больших дубовых бочках. Кроме этого, ежедневно проводится перемешивание вина (батоннаж) вместе с осадком, что делает аромат более полным. Вкус очень насыщенный и глубокий, обладает мощными фруктовыми тонами и великолепной текстурой. Букет интенсивный и элегантный, с интригующими нотами нежных пряностей, пикантных жареных орехов, завершают композицию мягкие оттенки вишневого ликера.

Vintage description

The 2009 agricultural campaign began with a winter distinguished by heavy snowfalls and a rainy early spring,
guaranteeing excellent soil water reserves. These reserves proved to be of vital importance in the summer, averting any
water stress-related problems which could have occurred due to the almost total lack of rain and the intense heat during
the summer months, especially during the second half of August.

The phenological development of the vine began late, but it recovered immediately with respect to the average over the
last few years, resulting almost everywhere in the harvest being brought forward. Picking began in the third week of
August for the short-cycle aromatic varieties, such as Moscato and Brachetto. For the white varieties like Favorita, the
harvest began around 10 September, and lasted until around 20 September, when picking of the Dolcetto and Barbera
commenced, followed by the Nebbiolo.

The two thousand and nine vintage will also be remembered for its irregular ripening pattern, resulting more from soil
climate than from varietal characteristics: for example, in some areas the Barbera grapes ripened earlier than the
Dolcetto. In terms of maturation, the vintage can be placed between the 2003 and 2007, with plenty of sugars and an
acidity that highlights the ripening process: on picking, the levels of malic acid in the grapes were below average
everywhere, with low values.

With regard to the general aspects, the data found were comparable to the 2003. From the first samples taken, the colour
tended to be clear and the data showed a certain stability.
From a wine-making point of view, this situation certainly offered good potential for a vintage which could prove to be
among the very best of recent years with great ageing potential.

Varietal composition: 100% nebbiolo
Harvest: October
Vineyards: La Morra, Monforte and Barolo
Maceration: 7-12 days depending on the vineyard
MLF: approx. 10 days
Blending period: spring 2008
Ageing wood: 6 months in barrique, to follow big barrel
Bottle ageing: 1 year
Ageing length: 24 months

Wine analyses:
Alcohol: 14,5% vol.
Total acid: 5,44 gr/l
Dry extract: 31,00 gr/l


Every single plot was picked at proper time, crushed and macerated for 7 to 12 days without any addition of yeasts and
without any warm up of the tanks. The temperatures of fermentations in that way followed the natural curve, without
any winemaker intervention. After the fermentation the new wines were transferred into the wood for MLF and ageing.
Weekly batonnage was done until the spring, when the different plots were blended for the wine to follow the ageing
Красное Сухое Вино Джанни Гальярдо Бароло 2009 года
Крепость: 14,5%
Объем: 750мл
Производство: Италия
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