Torres Red Wines
Torres Gran Sangre De Toro Reserva 2013

Torres Gran Sangre De Toro Reserva 2013

Красное Сухое Вино Торрес Сангре Де Торо Резерва 2013 года

Крепость:  14,0%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Испания
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Torres Gran Sangre De Toro Reserva 2012 – великолепный подарок из легендарной и живописной Каталонии, славившейся своими винами еще со времен Римской империи. Представляет собой купаж лучших средиземноморских сортов винограда: Гренаша или Гарнача: 60%, Кариньяно: 25% и Сира: 15%. Обладает выдержкой не меньше года в дубовых бочках. Вкус изысканный и насыщенный, с пикантными нотами черники и черной смородины, соблазнительной лакрицы и легкими оттенками поджаренных тостов. Букет сложный, с фруктовыми тонами, ярко звучат специи и древесина дуба. Вино просто создано для блюд из красного мяса с пряностями.

Gran Sangre de Toro
Character comes from the earth

At the end of the 1960's, Miguel Torres decided to produce a reserve wine that would capture the character of "Sangre de Toro", a wine with a well-defined identity. The result was "Gran Sangre de Toro", a wine produced with red garnacha, cariñena and syrah which is ennobled by oak ageing.

The best Garnacha, Cariñena and Syrah vintages which bring life to Gran Sangre de Toro are cultivated on land that has been famous for producing the best Mediterranean wines since Roman times.

A classical and traditional variety from the Mediterranean vineyards. It produces robust wines with a high alcohol content which are rich in pigment and extract.

It produces opulent, vigorous red wines with body and a large amount of tannins. It is associated with two key locations: the region of the Rhone Valley and Australian lands.

Garnacha tinta
The most heavily grown Mediterranean red variety in the world, it produces excellent red and rosé wines which benefit from its greasy and sensual tannin.

DO Catalunya
We are privileged to have an important variety of climates and soils in a relatively small area.
The most renowned stocks grow in these lands with very varied climates and soils. These grapes give rise to exceptional wines that have positioned the region in the eyes of all quality enthusiasts. The first Torres winery was built in Catalonia and, encouraged by this thousand-year-old culture, Torres began its expansion by paying homage to the best vineyards in the world, selecting the best estates and seeking the local identify of each land.

Tasting note
(September 2014) Brilliant, opaque ruby red wine. Exquisite mature aromas (black cherry jam) against a backdrop of woodland undergrowth (thyme). Good velvety and aromatic tannins.

Food Pairing
Ideal with game, meat and spices. Serve at 17 ° C.

Anuario de El País
88 points - Gran Sangre de Toro 2010
Spain · 2015

Semana Vitivinícola
92 points - Gran Sangre de Toro 2009
Spain · 2013
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Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2012 Французский сорт винограда Каберне Совиньон на каталонских почвах Пенедес приобрел свой особенный испанский шарм, характерную терпкость и насыщенность. Вино Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2011 на 80% состоит из этого сорта, купажируемого местным Темпранильо, обладающего аристократическими ароматами кофе и листьев табака. Вкус сбалансированный, с плотными танинами, послевкусие приятное и продолжительное. Букет соблазнительно чувственный, ярко звучат ноты вишни и крыжовника, дополняемые оттенками зеленого кофе, ванили и пикантной лакрицы. Сочетается с любыми мясными блюдами, а также сырами.

Gran Coronas
Save it for your best moments

Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo are the grapes that bestow their nobility on Gran Coronas, a wine of a deep red hue, with ochre and brick-red touches from its ageing.

This arose from the innovative drive of Miguel A. Torres, who planted the French variety of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Penedès at the end of the 1960s and early 1970s, when normal practice was to plant local white varieties. Thanks to this, Gran Coronas has become a benchmark for reserva red wines.

DO Penedès
The Penedès has been associated for decades with innovative vineyards and wineries.
Ever since it became the first area in Spain to use stainless steel and cold fermentation equipment, the vine growers of the Penedès have been making excellent modern wines from a mix of native and French grape varieties. This has been possible because of the variety of altitudes, lands and micro-climates found in the Penedès which foster the ideal growth of the different grape types.

A traditional grape with an intense black colour and a hard skin. It is used to make wines of excellent ageing, moderate fruit acidity and pleasant aromas.

Cabernet Sauvignon
A red grape that is native to Bordeaux, known for its dense tannins, deep colour, fruity aromas and elegant structure. It produces the most famous Torres wines. Mas la Plana.

Tasting note
Deeply opaque cherry red wine with garnet highlights. Intensely fruity with spicy nuances (clove) against a backdrop of balsamic woodland undergrowth (mastic, bay leaf). Silky on the palate, with very fine tannins displaying a touch of fruit (stewed black cherries) and undertones of toast.

Food Pairing
Perfect with cold meats and meat dishes. Serve at 17°C

Challenge International du Vin
Gold Medal - Gran Coronas 2011
France · 2015

Semana Vitivinícola
89 points - Gran Coronas 2011
Spain · 2015

de Grupo Gourmets
92 points - Gran Coronas 2010
Spain · 2015
92 points - Gran Coronas 2010
Spain · 2014

International Wine Challenge
Gold Medal - Gran Coronas 2008
Viena · 2012
Красное Сухое Вино Торрес Гран Коронас Каберне совиньон Резерва 2012 года
Крепость: 14,0%
Объем: 750мл
Производство: Испания
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