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Vitalonga Terra di Confine Umbria 2004

Vitalonga Terra di Confine Umbria 2004

Красное Сухое Вино Виталонга Терра Ди Конфине Умбриа 2004

Крепость:  13,5%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Италия
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Vitalonga Terra di Confine Umbria 2004 пришло к нам из центральной Италии, красивой области Умбрия. Представляет собой купаж (4:1) мощного и насыщенного местного сорта винограда Montepulciano с мягким и нежным Merlot. Мацерация происходит в чанах из нержавейки «на кожице», чтобы полностью раскрыть цвет и сохранить свежесть ароматов. Выдерживается сначала в дубовых бочках один год, потом столько же в бутылках. Вкус насыщенный и густой, со сладкими и умеренными танинами, яркими тонами минералов, спелых фруктов и специй. Букет многообразный интенсивный: фруктовые ноты, дополняются легкими нюансами лакрицы и какао.

Terra di Confine
A wine produced from a selection of Montepulciano grapes with Merlot in small part, aged for twelve months in small oak barriques.
Terra di Confine 2012 (scontornata-light) copiaThe power of Montepulciano meets the soft charm of Merlot, revealing together notes of winding intensity.
Terra di Confine is a complex, structured and long-lived red wine. A wine which is a full-fledged member in the category of great Italian wines.

Terra di Confine is the result of two vines that found a perfect habitat, revealing an elegant and powerful wine, able to express the nature of unique vineyards.
A great red wine that since its beginning has showed the extraordinary qualities of the terroir of Vitalonga.

VINIFICATION: 20% draining to increase contact with the grape skins, then maceration with the skins for 18 days in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature, followed by alcoholic fermentation. Remontage is carried out regularly punching down the cap.

AGING: stays in French oak barrels, also brand new, for 12 months, and in bottle for at least 12 months before going to the market.

ORGANOLEPTIC DESCRIPTION: the color is an intense, deep ruby red, with light violet shades; the fragrance is elegant and complex, with scent of red fruits and notes of liquorice; the taste is powerful and thick, with sweet and balanced tannins, rich, harmonic and persistent in the mouth, of great elegance, rich of mineral, with an important organoleptic texture and a polyphenolic set that assure a great longevity.

Pairing suggestions: grilled red meat, game, matured cheeses, mushrooms, wild boar sauce; a wine to be drunk in wide ballon at 18° (64,4°F).

THE NAME: the border land is a geographical place in which different experiences and cultures meet, it is also space and imaginary time, sign of this century without frontiers.

R. Parker – Wine Advocate 91/100; James Suckling 92/100; Luca Maroni 90/99; 2 glasses (in final for 3 glasses) Gambero Rosso; 4 bunches AIS Bibenda; 93/100 Super 3 stars Veronelli …

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