Black Velvet Blended Whisky
Black Velvet Toasted Caramel

Black Velvet Toasted Caramel

Купажированный Виски Блэк Вельвет со вкусом Сладкой Карамели

Крепость:  40,0%
Объем:  1 000мл
Производство:  Канада
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Black Velvet Toasted Caramel – прекрасный купажированный виски из Канады. Кукурузный и ржаной спирты перегоняют отдельно, после двухлетней выдержки их смешивают и старение продолжается в обожженных бочках из американского дуба. Созревший виски получил поэтическое название «Черный бархат». Букет наполнен изысканными тонами крема-карамели, обрамленного нотками жареных орехов, жженого дуба и сладкого горячего ириса, изюма, а также шоколадных и фруктовых оттенков. Во вкусе преобладают тона кленового сиропа, цитрусовых, ярко и пикантно проявляет себя перец. Послевкусие легкое и продолжительное с яркими дубовыми нотами.

Black Velvet is made from corn and a smaller amount of rye grain. The corn and the rye spirits are distilled separately, at different times, using a continuous four-column distillation process consisting of a beer column, an extractive distillation column, a fusel oil column, and a rectifying column. These columns are equipped with copper trays and mesh to ensure that no off-notes make their way into the spirit. This is a key factor in creating the clean crispness of Black Velvet.
The whisky begins to take shape when newly distilled corn spirits are flavored with rye high wines. High wines are the highly concentrated spirit flavoring that is largely responsible for the spicy fruitiness of Black Velvet whisky. Using a unique technique called “blending at birth”, rye high wines are mingled with corn base spirit then filled into new, charred, white American oak barrels. Here the two distillates marry and mature into the smooth, flavorful whisky known the world over as Black Velvet.
To make Black Velvet Toasted Caramel, an extra step is added: An all-natural, proprietary blend of toasted caramel flavorings is infused into mature Black Velvet whisky to create the final nectar.
Nose: Caramel cream, toasted oak and fresh hot toffee. Just a trace of rich sweet spirit rides a rippling swell of roasted toastiness which will soon have you hearing Yule logs a cracklin’.
Palate: Toffee-sweet with the woody heart of maple syrup, rousing warm pepper and a balancing citrus pith. The pepper grows more intense with each sip as a welcome rich, buttery creaminess envelopes the palate. Whisky notes themselves hang way in the background at first, with just the essence of the rye overlain with buckets of toasty caramel. The simple and sweet beginning becomes much less one-dimensional as developing pepper and rye spices push the flavour more into whisky territory.
Finish: Surprisingly long and whisky-like with a slight heat and a delightfully clean tannic pithiness. Peppery rye spices that were masked in the caramel begin to glow softly in the throat.
Empty Glass: Bold and full caramel, fresh-baked buns, and vague wisps of grapefruit juice.
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