Chivas Blended Scotch Whisky
Chivas 12 YO Made for Gentlemen Globetrotter Series + gift box

Chivas 12 YO Made for Gentlemen Globetrotter Series + gift box

Купажированный Скотч Виски Чивас Ригал 12 летней выдержки в Лимитированном Исполнении Глоуб Троттер в подарочной упаковке

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Производство:  Шотландия
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Перед вами непревзойденный лимитированный виски пермиум-класса Chivas 12 YO Made for Gentlemen Globetrotter series в подарочной упаковке от дизайнеров компании «Глобус-Троттер», изготавливающей роскошные чемоданы ручной работы. Это, действительно, прекрасный подарок любимому мужчине на любой праздник. Напиток представляет собой легендарных и благородных виски из Стратайла и Лонгморн. Мягкие фруктовые ноты придают букету невероятную нежность, который раскрывается нотами печеных яблок и груш, в продолжении сменяется на оттенки жидкого меда и еле уловимые конфетно-мармеладные нюансы. Вкус насыщен романтической сладостью свежестью фруктов.

Craftsmanship, generosity and a passion for travel are at the heart of the new collaboration between British luxury brands Chivas Regal and Globe-Trotter. Renowned for handcrafting luxury suitcases and leather goods, Globe-Trotter has partnered with Chivas to design an exciting series of three collectibles for the whisky connoisseur and world traveller – the Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter limited edition gift tin, a limited run of Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter 20 inch Carry-on Cases and a Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter Steamer Trunk.

The Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ by Globe-Trotter limited edition gift tin houses a bottle of Chivas 12 blended Scotch whisky and showcases a vibrant tale of international travel. Inspired by the tradition of applying stickers onto one’s luggage to proudly showcase destinations visited, bespoke luggage stickers were hand-drawn by the British illustrator Andrew Davidson to celebrate iconic cities and adorn the contemporary tin design.

20tc front openA first from Globe-Trotter, the Chivas 12 ‘Made for Gentlemen’ Carry-On Case is a 20 inch trolley case that has been crafted to suit the needs of the busy modern gentleman on short haul business trips and city breaks. Created to be stowed in the flight cabin of all international airlines, the 20 inch trolley case features a customised lining that elegantly intertwines a never-seen-before Globe-Trotter archive design with the Chivas iconic signifier. The sturdy, burgundy, vulcanised fibreboard case also features wooden handles, brushed brass hardware and an internal leather plaque to mark the collaboration for posterity.

To showcase the true craftsmanship of Chivas Regal and Globe-Trotter the Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Globe-Trotter Steamer Trunk is an original design that will see proceeds of its sale donated to charity. A reinterpretation of a timeless classic evoking images of the stylish high octane travel of years gone by, the streamer trunk is the ultimate collectible for the modern gentleman that travels. Every compartment has been crafted to help the modern gentleman store and display the treasures he has collected from his travels, perhaps including the previous four chapters of the Chivas Made for Gentlemen story*.

Presenting a beautifully crafted mini bar with mirrored back for serving Chivas Regal Scotch whisky, the steamer trunk features specially created compartments for shoes, a drawer to hold up to eight watches, leather covered hangers to hold pristine suits, all against the backdrop of a bespoke lining that marries the semiotics of both modern heritage brands. American white oak trimmed drawers have been handmade to honour the oak casks essential to Chivas Regal 12YO’s rich complexity and a hand engraved copper plaque made from a retired Scotch whisky still assures its authenticity.Chivas Globe-Trotter Trunk
To be displayed from 5th October in Globe-Trotter’s flagship store in Albemarle Street, London, proceeds from the sale of the Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Globe-Trotter Steamer Trunk will go to The Prince’s Trust.

Richard Black, Global Brand Director of Chivas Regal explains: “We are delighted to be partnering with GlobeTrotter for the fourth stage of our Made for Gentlemen journey. There are many synergies in our values and approach to craft. Modern gentlemen are constantly on the lookout for authentic, stylish experiences and products wherever they are in the world and we believe the three limited editions we co-created with GlobeTrotter could be a passport to just these types of experiences.”

James Fisher, Global Marketing Director of Globe-Trotter, adds: “It was a compelling and enjoyable exchange of ideas with Chivas from the first creative session. We even discovered Chivas Master Blender Colin Scott has travelled the world with Globe-Trotter luggage for much of his forty year career. Pieces of Globe-Trotter luggage are travelling companions for life and frequently become heirlooms – wear and tear reflects the personal journeys of their owners. We really enjoyed designing the three limited editions that elegantly showcase our crafts in one-off, contemporary ways.”
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Chivas Regal Brothers Blend 12 YO + gift pack Chivas Regal Brothers Blend 12 YO + gift pack – прекрасный шотландский виски 12-летней выдержки в элегантной бутылке изящной формы, на которой с помощью серебряной шелкографии нанесены герб и эмблема бренда плюс великолепная подарочная упаковка. Представляет собой купаж односолодовых виски из Стратайла и Лонгморн. Букет невероятно нежный, благодаря мягким фруктовым нотам, особенно персика и груши, затем акценты перемещаются на оттенки жидкого меда, конфет и мармелада. Вкус богатый, насыщенный, очень свежий, доминируют опять-таки фрукты, их сменяет фантастически сладкая сливочная текстура.

This unique 12 year old blend uses a carefully selected range of malt whiskies, including high proportions of rare Strathisla and Longmorn malts, in order to recreate the extra smooth taste that made their whiskies famous.

A signature blend, ultra smooth and perfect for sharing – A new blend from Chivas Regal.

Colour: Rich amber.

Nose:Bursting with ripe soft fruit flavours, including peach and pear, and accented with runny honey, marmalade and soft candy.

Taste: Rich taste of fresh soft fruit flavours echoing the nose, giving way to fantastic sweet, creamy texture.

Finish: Creamy, round and smooth.

Tasting: Best tasted with equal parts water.
Купажированный Скотч Виски Чивас Ригал Бразерс Бленд 12 летней выдержки в подарочной упаковке
Крепость: 40,0%
Объем: 200мл
Производство: Шотландия
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