Royal Salute Blended Scotch Whisky
Royal Salute 21 YO + gift pack

Royal Salute 21 YO + gift pack

Купажированный Скотч Виски Ройал Салют 21 летней выдержки в подарочной упаковке

Крепость:  40,0%
Объем:  700мл
Производство:  Шотландия
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Royal Salute 21 YO + gift pack. Эксклюзивный благородный виски посвящен коронации Елизаветы 2, имеет выдержку не менее 21 года, что соответствует количеству орудий, салютующих в честь королевских особ. Настоящим шедевром является глиняная бутылка-графин ручной работы, покрытая с двух сторон глазурью королевских цветов: синей, красной, зеленой. Букет богатый раскрывается фруктовыми тонами и ароматами осенних цветов, за ними следуют мощные ноты сладкой груши и цитрусовых, в следующей волне прекрасно звучат нежные оттенки ванили, которые усиливаются нюансами хереса и дыма. Вкус полный глубокий, с легкой дымностью, роскошные ноты апельсинового мармелада сливаются со свежей грушей, а во втором вкусе появляются теплые ноты фундука, специй и орехов.

On 2nd June 1953, the young Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey, watched by the world for the first time on television. Five hundred miles from London, a man called Charles Julian, who was the Master Blender at Chivas Brothers, set out to honour the new monarch by creating the ultimate blended Scotch whisky.

Drawing from the exceptionally aged range of casks laid down over the years by Chivas Brothers in the Highlands of Scotland, Charles skilfully married the powerful flavours of whiskies aged no less than 21 years to craft a blend fit for royalty. He would name his masterpiece Royal Salute 21 Years Old, in reference to the long tradition of firing cannons as a sign of respect or welcome to sovereigns and dignitaries: the 21-Gun Royal Salute. Over the years, this special blend has stayed true to its roots. The porcelain flagon, crafted by the world-famous artisans at Wade, is sculpted in Cornish clay from the Jurassic-era, then naturally air-dried and finished by hand with a double layer of glazing to protect its precious contents. The three different colours of glaze used to dress the flagons - Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald – symbolize the precious gems on the Imperial State Crown.


Rich, fruity aromas and sweet fragrance of autumn flowers. Powerful aromas of sweet pears and citrus fruits are balanced with the full fragrance of Autumn flowers. Elegant aromas of sweet vanilla and a dry oakiness are enhanced with subtle notes of sherry and smoke.
Full, deep fruity flavours with a subtle smokiness. The first taste of Royal Salute brings the subtleties of the nose to life. Sumptuous sweet orange marmalade flavours infused with fresh pears burst across the tongue. The second taste brings in a rich medley of spices and a nuttiness of hazelnuts that have a mouth-filling intensity and then the final warmth from hints of masculine smokiness.
Rich, long, lingering
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Royal Salute Eternal Reserve + gift pack Royal Salute Eternal Reserve + gift pack. Перед нами еще один «королевский салют» с философским названием «вечный резерв». Это благодаря специальной системе блендирования – циркулярной: 21-летний виски смешивают в 88 бочках и выдерживают полгода, потом одну половину разливают, а вторую оставляют, она станет основой следующей партии. И так до бесконечности, что позволяет сохранять фирменный характер виски. Графин для напитка из непрозрачного фарфора ручной работы фиолетового цвета, на бутылке изображен знак: сплетение двух восьмерок, перетекающих друг в друга. Букет богатый фруктовый, полон чарующих нот слив, марципана, ванили, заканчивается благородными древесными нюансами. Вкус многогранный и насыщенный. Послевкусие продолжительное и согревающее.

Royal Salute is delighted to announce The Eternal Reserve, which uses an innovative blending technique to create an exceptional whisky that will literally live forever.

Royal Salute has selected rare and precious whiskies with an exceptionally long finish to blend and marry together in 88 casks to form the inaugural batch. Using a unique process called Circular Blending™, Royal Salute has committed to including this original blend in each subsequent The Eternal Reserve release for decades to come.

Each time a new batch is unveiled, half of the blend will be re-casked in the Royal Salute Vault to conserve the precious liquid created in 2015. Thus, the original blend is forever preserved by this perpetual re-circulation – creating a smooth, voluptuous whisky that justifies its original name: uisge beatha (the water of life).

From the carefully crafted whisky, to the new porcelain flagon design, Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve is a dedication to the art of true craftsmanship. With distinctive features, the porcelain flagons have all been created with meaning to combine age-old techniques with a contemporary signature icon, which reflects the Circular Blending™ process.

Royal Salute Global Brand Director, Vadim Grigorian comments: “Time is at the heart of Royal Salute – our youngest blend is 21 years old but the brand was born alongside a thoroughly modern monarch so we constantly blend tradition with the contemporary. The Eternal Reserve is inspired by artists, writers, and philosophers – all dedicated to understanding the possibility of continuity in the modern world. This superb whisky is our suggestion that eternity doesn’t mean living forever. It means timelessness – and it belongs to those who live in the present.”

The first batch of 88 casks will be released in 2015 and sold exclusively in Global Travel Retail, supported by a digital and experiential promotional and merchandising campaign bringing the Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve story to life.

Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve will be available from September, priced $180 per 70cl.

Circular Blending™ Process
The very first creation of Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve began with the preparation of 88 casks of incredibly rare and precious whiskies, all aged in their casks for over 21 years. These whiskies were carefully selected using two criteria: firstly, that each whisky possessed an exceptionally long finish that could be further extended through blending and marrying process and secondly, that the whiskies chosen could be beautifully harmonised in each new batch, while keeping the original signature style forever.

Once selected, the precious whiskies were blended together and then further married in 88 casks in the Royal Salute Vault for a period of six months. This original blend is then blended with other 88 casks worth of precious whisky of exceptionally aged whiskies to complete the first batch.

Before bottling this first batch, our expert blending team holds some of the blend back, returning it to the original 88 casks, so they can form the basis of the next batch. These 88 casks are always safeguarded in the Royal Salute Vault in Strathisla distillery. Each time a new batch is blended, the same process – circulation of 88 casks – is repeated; the whiskies of the 88 casks from the previous batch are added to the new blend of the next batch.

Tasting Notes
A dreamy sensation of ripeness is the first to arrive. Pears in syrup, honeycomb and creamy vanilla. An unmistakable promise of intense sweetness to come.
Like the changing of green to gold and the falling of the leaves, the burst of the rich sensuality of liquid honey, juice-laden oranges and tangy liquorice. Mellow, graceful and serene.
Time passes to reveal a beautiful and incredibly long lingering culmination.
Like the eternal cycle of nature. A finish that lasts and lasts; never-ending.

The Packaging Design
The creation of each porcelain flagon is handcrafted by Wade Ceramics using traditional, age-old techniques; each individual flagon takes up to 5-6 days to make before being checked to make sure it completely free from any imperfections. To ensure this, each flagon must produce a perfect F sharp note. The flagon is then glazed using traditional artisan techniques with Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve glaze taking a shiny lustrous aubergine hue.

The brand logo, name and unique Circular Blending™ symbol are then hand applied onto the flagon using water slide transfer and the bottle neck is wrapped in a cream parchment label with the signature of the Master Blender and the Eternal Reserve stamp as a seal of approval.

The precious flagon is housed within a rigid box that also features the unique Circular Blending™ symbol. The rigid box continues the aubergine colour of the flagon and combines it with gold accents for striking premium on-shelf impact.
Купажированный Скотч Виски Ройал Салют Этернал Резерв в подарочной упаковке
Крепость: 40,0%
Объем: 700мл
Производство: Шотландия
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Купажированный Скотч Виски Ройал Салют Хандред Каск Селекшен в подарочной упаковке
Крепость: 40,0%
Объем: 700мл
Производство: Шотландия
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Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee 21 YO + gift pack Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee 21 YO + gift pack. Этот шикарный лимитированный виски из серии «королевских салютов» выпущен по поводу 60-тилетия коронации Елизаветы Второй, т.е. бриллиантового юбилея. Поэтому для купажа были отобраны 60 лучших виски. Букет великолепен и невероятно богат, раскрывается яркими фруктово-цветочными нотами, накрываемые сладкой волной ванили, лакрицы, карамели, в финале композиции симфонии ароматов торжествуют оттенки шоколада, орехов и пряностей. Вкус роскошный и многогранный, насыщенный ореховыми и дымными нотами, гармонично дополняемыми фруктовыми нюансами. Послевкусие продолжительное с легкими оттенками жженого дуба.

Created in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Salute is this year continuing with tradition by celebrating the Queen’s 60 year reign with the launch of the Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition.

In keeping with the Diamond Jubilee theme, the porcelain flagon is finished with a rich, royal blue glaze. Presented in a hand-crafted display box that elegantly showcases the bottle, Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee will have a strong on-shelf presence in over 20 markets, with innovative retail displays, inspired by the light-reflective qualities of a diamond, highlighting the exceptional quality of the whisky within.

Neil Macdonald, Global Brand Director for Royal Salute, says: “Royal Salute was originally created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. We are therefore delighted that this Royal Salute Limited Edition will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee – as it is only the second time in history that this milestone has been achieved by a British monarch.”

Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee is a limited edition that will only be available in 2012 during the Jubilee celebrations.
Купажированный Скотч Виски Ройал Салют Даймонд Джубили 21 летней выдержки в подарочной упаковке
Крепость: 40,0%
Объем: 700мл
Производство: Шотландия
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